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Strengthen your trade show event marketing with Skyline Exhibit’s newest published books! These 5 books range from 44 to 60 pages each, with 25 to 34 articles each. Combined, they include 135 of the best articles that have appeared on the Skyline Trade Show Tips blog, plus several worksheets from Marketech. No matter where you are in your trade show marketing career, these books will help you advance through your next challenge and equip you with valuable insight and tools for a better exhibiting experience.

Trade Show Tips for New Exhibitors
This 44-page book contains 25 articles on many key areas for trade show marketing, covering logistics; booth staff selection, training, and staffing; exhibit design; pre-show and at-show promotions; lead management; and measurement of your program’s results. Most of all, it provides you with a base level of expectations you can take to heart about the challenges and potential to succeed at trade shows. These insights will allow you to shorten your learning curve and feel more comfortable even at the beginning of your trade show journey.
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Trade Show Tips for Inline Exhibitors
Just  because you exhibit in an inline exhibit doesn’t mean you can’t stand out. But, it also doesn’t mean you get a free pass, either. You have to do your part to succeed, and if you do, success is within your grasp. Request this free 56-page book that includes 25 articles on:

  • Exhibit Design
  • Booth Staffing
  • Promotions
  • Lead Management
  • Measurement, and more!

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Trade Show Tips for Island Exhibitors
Welcome to the big time. When you exhibit in an island trade show booth, you’re making a major marketing commitment. The costs are larger, the expectations higher, and the risks greater. But so is the potential. Request this free 60-page book that contains 26 articles previously published in the Skyline Trade Show Tips blog, and three worksheets from Marc Goldberg of Marketech. And better prepare yourself for the unique challenges faced by island exhibitors like you. Request your free copy.

Better Booth Staffing for Greater Trade Show Results
This book contains 34 articles, half geared to increasing skills and perspectives of individual booth staffers, and half for the trade show manager and the trainer who must prepare the booth staff for their company.

Read and implement the ideas in this book, and really improve the performance of your trade show program. Because there is so much riding on your booth staffers, as 85% of what attendees remember is based on them, and trade shows are still the top marketing spend for business-to-business marketers. Request your free copy.


Using Promotions & Social Media to Get More Trade Show Visitors
While social media has changed how to do trade show promotions, it has not changed the strong need to use promotions to boost your booth traffic.

With attendees only spending quality time at about 5% of exhibits, exhibitors still need to excel at promotions in order to get those valuable visitors to move out of the aisle and into their booth.

This book contains 28 articles, half geared to trade show promotions, and half about integrating social media with your trade show program. Use the ideas in this book to get more brand awareness, attendees, leads, and sales from trade shows. Request your free copy.



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